Guide to Hunting


  • Anyone wishing to subscribe to the West of Yore Hunt or Visit for the day please contact Sharon on 07779995465 for more details.
  • Changes to times dates and places be communicated on members section of website or email. Please ensure Sharon has your email address.
  • When the weather is questionable, case we will try and put out a weather warning e mail out the night before and if any changes to hunting an e mail will be sent before 9am on the hunting day.

Mounted Field

  • Courtesy and good manners are required at all times
  • The Mounted Field must follow the Field Master at all times.
  • We Trail Hunt entirely due to the goodwill of the people who own and farm the land in the West of Yore Country. If any accidental damage is done when crossing the Land it must be reported to a Master, order or the Fence Mender.
  • Please make sure you do not block the roads. Always let the traffic through, the driver may be trying to get to work! Thank drivers for slowing down.
  • Please do not open gates adjacent to fences while people are still jumping.
  • If your horse refuses at a fence please let other riders through before you make another attempt. If your horse, for whatever reason , continues to refuse at other fences please ride at the back of the field.
  • There will be a roster published for Gate Shutting. If you cannot make your allotted day it is your responsibility to swap or find someone else.
  • Please arrive at the meet on time.
  • Please do not park in gateways, on mown verges or where you may block traffic.
  • Children should ride to the back of the Mounted Field and volunteer to open gates, hold a horse etc before an adult dismounts.
  • Mounted Followers must be members of the Countryside Alliance.
  • Do not publish any photographs or information related to hunting on any social media forum.

Have Fun !!